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Financial Advice Case Studies

Over the years, we have dealt with all sorts of clients and one thing is clear. No client is the same and all have different aspirations and goals. Our Financial Advice process helps guide you through the maze.

Here are a few case studies of what the clients problem was and how we helped them.

Advice area - Looking after parents investments whilst they are in a care home

Mrs C from Sheffield approached Andrew Stuart & Co when her parents had sold their home as they were moving into  a Care Home in Sheffield. As there was a sizable sum of money, she didn't wish to take on the responsibility of investing the money herself and would prefer to use a professional adviser to help guide her through the process efficiently. Her parents had enough retirement income to pay for the care home fees with some excess so investing for income wasn't an issue for these clients.

The Goal - To invest the money in a sensible way and try to beat inflation plus what is available in a bank or building society account

Outcome - Working with Mrs C and her parents at times we assessed her's and her parents attitude to risk and looked closely at the retirement income and assessed the tax situation. We decided to utilise an Offshore Bond for the client in her mothers name as she was a non tax payer and her husband was a higher rate tax payer. This along with utilising their Stocks and Shares ISA allowance allowed them to invest the money is a highly tax efficient manner and when the time comes that the money becomes the daughters, because of some of the bond's versatility can easily be transferred to her without any tax charge.

Advice Area - Following a Divorce, Mrs S required help in setting up a new pension as a result of a forced transfer

Mrs S from Sheffield was in the process of getting divorced and as part of the divorce settlement, she was awarded a proportion of her husbands Pension. She didn't have a pension of her own so any money would be greatly appreciated.

The Goal - Creating a new Pension Plan that would be suitable for the client going forwards

Outcome - We worked closely with the client and her acting solicitor to create a scheme for the proceeds of the forced pension transfer to be received into. This area of advice can have many minefields which can take a long time and can be very complicated but we managed to create the pension scheme with very low charges, assessed the clients attitude to risk and created an investment portfolio which is highly diversified and given her the system which enables her to track the progress of the investment and make further contributions should she wish to.

Advice Area - Mr M required Life cover, along with Critical Illness and Income Protection to fully cover all his liabilities should he be unable to work due to sickness, ill health and potentially death.

Mr M from Derbyshire travels a lot for work and has considerable debts in the form large mortgages. He has a young family and a good income which requires to be protected.

The Goal - Find the most cost effective, tax efficient way of covering all his debts and income should he be unable to work so that his family won't be financially hurt.

Outcome - Having worked with Mr M previously on his mortgage, we noticed that in his contract of employment he could receive help from his employer towards the cost of this kind of cover which doesn't come cheap.

We found a single policy which could incorporate all the cover Mr M was looking for and compared that to having separate policies to see which would be the most cost effective. The single incorporated policy which included Life cover with Total Permanent Disability and critical illness cover along with Income protection came out the cheapest with the best levels of cover. Our advice didn't stop there as we recommended writing the policy under trust. But because of the type of cover we recommended a Split Trust. This would allow him to benefit form any income protection or critical illness payouts whilst keeping the proceeds of that and the life cover outside of his estate for inheritance tax purposes and for the speed. As you do not need to wait for probate to have been granted for the proceeds to be paid to the beneficiaries, this would mitigate any financial hardship on the clients family.

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