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Investment & Savings specialist advisers in Derbyshire & Sheffield

Investing can be a confusing and daunting experience. Our Investment advice cuts through the jargon and helps you meet your investment goals in a friendly, simplistic and effective manner.

With Increased volatility in today's financial markets, making an incorrect investment decision could cost you dearly if you do not fully understand the risks involved. We take the time to fully understand your circumstances and suggest investments suitable for your tolerance to loss and attitude to risk.

Think investing is only for the rich? This is far from true – you don’t have to be wealthy to be an investor. A well managed investment plan can increase your wealth, provide you with an income or both.

What makes us different?

With our market leading technology, you can keep track of your investments 24/7 in a secure environment and even make extra investment contributions without us having to do work on your behalf.

We have specialist knowledge of investments and can dig a lot deeper into why you should have a certain investment than many other advisers. We have access to many funds which are exclusive and would normally require a minimum investment of £10 Million in some of them, but you have access to them through us with no minimum amount.

We understand what risks your comfortable with and will never push you into anything. At the end of the day we only want happy clients! 

Types of risk

There are numerous types of risk that your money could be exposed to when investing. This is possibly one of the most important factors when investing and we really take time to understand why you are investing, how long you can invest for, and how market fluctuations will make you feel. Investing is often a psychological game and if your portfolio looses more than you feel comfortable with, it can have adverse affect on not only your finances but your health, hence why we take much time and care over this part of getting to know you.

When should you invest?

As in life, timing is everything. But when it comes to investing, it’s almost impossible to know when the time is right. It’s not when, but rather for how long you invest which will determine how your money grows.

By maintaining a long-term view of your investments, you can reduce the impact of short-term market fluctuations and, over time, enjoy higher growth. A long-term investment strategy has the added advantage of compounding the return that you earn on your investment.

Compounding is when you reinvest the interest you earn on an investment and can be an effective means of accelerating the growth of your money. If you continue to reinvest your interest over a few years, you’ll be earning interest on your interest on your interest…

Creating your unique investment plan

Your choice of investments should be based on well informed decisions, not by instinct or rumours of a surefire investment opportunity. Investing without a strategy has been likened to building a house without any architect’s plans.

No doubt you’ve worked hard for your money; by investing it wisely you can make it work harder for you.

Your investment plan should take into account:

  • Your short, medium and long term goals
  • Your current financial position
  • The level of investment risk you’re prepared to accept

Whatever the nature of the investments you are considering, the starting points should be the same. Our independent financial advice will be able to help you identify the type of investment best suited to your needs, based on your own preferred balance between risk and return. To learn more about our investment philosophy, please download our eBook 'The Art of Investing'

Even if you already have savings and investments or a good idea of where you want to be, a second opinion from a financial adviser can help give you confidence in your present as well as your future. Please get in touch for Honest Effective Life Planning from specialist investment advisers in Derbyshire & Sheffield.

Disclaimer*- The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you get back less than you originally invested

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