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Life insurance should be the corner stone of any financial plan

Don’t let bad luck decide your financial future. We all know life is full of uncertainties – unfortunately some of these uncertainties can harm or even ruin you financially. That’s why financial protection is so important.

Financial protection insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what happens in life you will at least be able to cope financially during a difficult time.

Financial protection insurance is often overlooked when developing a financial plan, although it is one of the best forms of protection against life’s calamities, including financial hardship caused by serious illness, injury or death.

The policyholder pays a regular or single premium and in the event of the insured’s death, his or her family gets a cash amount, generally many times the amount paid in premiums.

Why should i see a financial adviser for my life cover and not just choose to go through an internet comparison site?

When looking for life insurance, there are many areas in which you could slip up. It could be the insurers definition of certain illness, they pay out rate, speed at which claims are dealt with. They are just some of the issues that when finding the cheapest insurance over the internet doesn't highlight.Using a financial adviser to find your life cover could not only reduce your premiums, but we will find the cover that suits your needs. We will also help you write it under trust which has many benefits in its self. All of these are services which you don't get from an internet supermarket search engine!

Too many to choose from?

Because life insurance has been around so long and is crucial to successful financial planning, more than 100 companies provide life assurance and protection policies. This makes for a competitive market which can only benefit consumers.

The abundance of choice may seem like a mixed blessing. With so many options, making a decision could seem overwhelming.

For a straightforward life insurance policy, you can try one of the web-based services that claims to come up with the best deal. You fill in details, such as age, medical details, gender, occupation, smoker/non-smoker and how much you want to insure your life for or somebody elses. Hit ‘Enter’ and you know how much your premiums will be.

However, buying life insurance is not to be done without serious reflection. Lots of factors need to be taken into consideration such as – what is the right level of cover and for how long should it last? It’s really worthwhile to discuss these questions with an independent financial adviser.

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