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A large part of our business model now involves the use of the True Potential Wealth Platform & Investment Strategies Software.

The Wealth Platform is an online service we use to help create and manage our client’s investment portfolios.

The fully integrated Wealth Platform gives a complete view of all your plans, on which good strategic investment decisions can be based, providing a unique service unrivalled in the UK. This unique business partnership means that for the first time you can access all financial legacy and portfolio information in one location.

The increasing complexity of portfolio construction and picking and researching funds, is placing substantial time demands and cost. With access to powerful investment analysis and planning tools, we can provide true wealth management, but also provide on-going levels of service at a cost simply impossible elsewhere.

Until now, the UK consumer has only had products designed by Life and Pensions companies, Banks, or large Fund Management groups. These products are big on jargon, heavy on charges, light on transparency and offer poor performance. Financial advisers have had to work through these products and become a form of translator in order to invest their client’s money into the market.

Why you should be on our Wealth Platform

Gives you instant access to our investment process -The Wealth Platform allows us both to monitor your investment portfolio closely. You will be provided with a unique client website which will give you an aggregated view of your policies and provide you with real time valuations. Any changes that need to be made can be done so instantly and the performance of any portfolio can be tracked against any time period. With this information, you will be able to see the exact performance of your investments over any time frame. This means that we can better plan around your goals and needs.

Faster transactions - With most investments, before they can be bought, sold or switched, you may need to sign different pieces of documentation and then wait for these to be posted and received by the relevant providers.

Our Wealth Platform removes the need for this. With your initial signature, we can administer your portfolio and act on your behalf in accordance with your needs. Any amendments are automatically confirmed directly with you, so you know they have been done. Also, because transactions take place online, we can place these instructions instantly without delays.

Supports the transfer of existing investments - Consolidating existing investments may mean that you would normally have to sell and re-purchase them. Our Wealth Platform can help you move investment funds you already have with other providers into your Platform portfolio. As long as the same funds are available on the Wealth Platform, they can be re-registered, meaning that they can be moved into your Platform portfolio without being sold and re-purchased and so avoid any sale/purchase costs and also means that your funds are never out of the market. The Wealth Platform we use does not charge for this.

Clear and easy to understand charges - Through our explicit charging structure, we provide you with clear and transparent charges. You can see exactly how much you are paying for the Wealth Platform, how much you are paying for the underlying investments and how much you are paying for the advice. This allows you to be sure that you are getting what you agreed to pay for and nothing less.

These are just some of the reasons why we believe the True Potential Wealth Platform can benefit you as a client and also us the adviser. These are very difficult times financially and we all need the best help we can get to realise the best value for money, and it’s exactly in times like these that professional advice is the way forward.

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